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Handan Reliable import and export trade co.,ltd

Handan city new type of chemical industrial park  construction by handan city government  in 2010 in GuanTao country. It was columnfor "handan city 12 strategic support project", "handan city ten big industrial structure adjustment project", "handan city ten big key crucial project". by municipal party committee, municipal government asThe project overall planning, industry planning, project planning by oil and chemical industry of sarft, the total area is 14.2 square kilometers,Project in more than 100, with a total investment of 20 billion yuan to 2013 years in enterprises investment reached 15 billion yuan.

Park industry positioning for salt chemical fine chemical/petrochemical coal chemical biological, chemical and other related products focus on the development of high value-added fine high performance specialty chemicals and chemical new materials and biomass materials, form a relatively complete outstanding characteristics of chain industry supports.

As the whole chemical industrial park projects and put into production ,Handan Reliable import and export trade co.,ltd at the request of the government the only  foreign trade company established in accordance with the law, we are the only window of exports abroad,as the  agency across the region foreign trade of the industry.  


My company is located in handan city, hebei province GuanTao west, transportation is convenient, the region advantage obviously,   about 150 km to jinan international airport, 500 km away from Qingdao port, tianjin port 390 km. West to handan airport 70 kilometers, 65 kilometers east from shandong liaocheng city ,  four hours into Beijing, four hours of freight to the port, and 1 hour into the airport, convenient traffic conditions, have clear enough to ensure the logistics transportation traffic advantage.

Handan Reliable import and export trade co.,ltd , it was by the government to support and new chemical industrial park as the background, asthe agent of the new type of chemical industrial park , we can offer qualified products and the best service. 

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