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    Azamethiphos 1% Bait Formulation

    • Purtry.:1%
    • Brand :RLB
    • Price:

    A long-term effective fly medicine

    1. Detailed information

    Active ingredient and content:

    Azamethiphos 1%

    Cis-9-Tricosene 0.05%


    Usage and Dosage:  

    Fly:sprinkle evenly this product on papers or cartons with small edges, and lay it flat on the gathering places of flies such as windowsill, partition, furniture, table, or corridor, etc. Apply about 2g pesticide per square meter. If use a small amount of water, milk or beer, etc. in advance to moisten the related area before sprinkling, the attracting and killing effect will be improved. Sprinkle this product on the wet corrugated paper, the pesticides will adhere to the paperboard after being dried, you can hang it, and the period of validity is for six to eight weeks.

    Cockroach:sprinkle this product at the places where the cockroaches frequently come in and go out, such as the back of furniture, around the water pipe, shelf, heater, refrigerator or below the sink, etc



    1.Low toxicity and high efficiency, safety for people and mammal, easy to use.

    2.Dual functions of contact and stomach toxicity, the killing effect is remarkable, thus there is no survival.

    3.The pesticide effect is lasting up to more than ten weeks, tasteless, no secondary environmental pollution or poisoning would be caused.

    4.Unique trapping effect that can effectively prevent and control the indoor and outdoor flies and cockroaches.

    Storage:store it at a cool and dry place; do not store it together with food, beverage, grain, feed, etc., and avoid the pregnant women and lactating women to contact it, keep out of reach of children.

    Matters need attention

    1.The safety protection measures should be taken when using this product, wear protective clothing and gloves, must not eat something or drink water during use.

    2.It is poisonous to aquatic animals like fishes, bees, and silkworms, pay attention not to contaminate the water area like fishponds, and the places that raise bees, silkworm, etc., and it is forbidden to use in the silkworm nursery and its vicinity.

    3.Timely cleaning the exposed parts of skin after use.

    4.Do not mix it with alkaline materials, and keep it out of reach of children.

    5.Those who are allergic to it are forbidden to use; If there is any adverse reaction during use, please timely seek medical advice.

    Intoxication emergency: if eat it by mistake, take a large number of medical charcoal by drinking lots of water or use atropine under the guidance of doctors.


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